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ETIVE FLEECE DOG COAT (CUSTOM SIZE) - 25 and 39cm will be Made to Order. Please allow between 2 and 3 weeks for it to be made and posted to you.

Size Guide


Standard Sizes

Please note that the breed guide is a suggestion only and I would always recommend measuring your dog to ensure that the coat you purchase is a good fit. There is a small degree of adjustment in the girth of coats as they fasten with velcro or an adjustable webbing strap. Therefore if your dog's measurements are only a few centimetres out from the girth stated above a standard size coat should be suitable. 

Custom Sizes

I also make custom size coats and the price of the coats are based on the length of the coat. There are separate product pages for custom sizes for each of the coat styles, and links to these pages can be found on the main page for each of the costs. You can also find all the custom size coats HERE 

Please click HERE for guidance on how to measure your dog.

Materials and Care

- 2 layers of polyester polar fleece

Your Etive coat can be washed in a washing machine at temperatures up to 40 degrees celcius.
- Only use non-biological powders/liquids. Do not use fabric conditioners or softeners, or dual action tablets.

Tumble drying is not recommended.

The Etive Fleece Coat is a double thickness coat made from two layers of polar fleece and is reversible. You choose the colours - you can choose the same colour for both layers or mix it up and opt for two different colour fleece so if you get bored with one colour simply turn the coat inside out and you have a different coloured coat for your dog!

Designed to be worn either outdoors or indoors it will keep your dog cosy and warm. Although not waterproof the double fleece layer will provide excellent warmth and protection from the elements.

The design of the coat provides for great coverage while still allowing movement to run around. It has a long double fleece polo neck, and underbelly panel to cover the chest and belly and a back shaping which contours to your dog's back.

  • The Etive Fleece Coat slips over your dog's head, and the underbelly strap is placed between your dog's front legs and then wraps and fastens around the dog's waist with a webbing strap and buckle for a secure fit.
  • As the underbelly strap goes between the legs there are no leg holes to manipulate your dog's legs through and so it is quick and simple to pop on and is great for dogs that may have sore joints or are uncomfortable with you touching their legs.
  • Double layer fleece and reversible - two coats in one!
  • Adjustable elastic leg straps
  • Machine washable.

Custom Size

This item is a custom sized item. Please click HERE for guidance on measuring your dog. 

The price of the Custom Size coat is based on the length of your dog.

  • First please enter the measurements in centimetres for length, girth, and neck size.

  • Then please choose the size range that the length of your coat falls into so that the correct price for your coat is selected.

  • Please use the Additional Information text box to provide any further information that you may feel to be useful. For example if your dog is particularly deep chested you may wish to provide the chest and waist measurement too, or if you have a broad dog you may wish to provide the breast measurement.

    *** If your dog has an upright tail please let me know by leaving a note in the Additional Information text box or in the Comments text box at checkout. The Etive fleece dog coat has a slight sloping at the rear of the dog to cover the top of a dogs tail but if your dog has an upright tail this sloping isnt required.

Please measure your dog carefully as custom made coats are non returnable, unless the item is faulty or there is an error on the part of Freckles Designs.



Customer Reviews

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Norma Charmley
Twice Fleece Coat

I love this coat it is so snug and cosy. Perfect fit. I would thoroughly recommend. Thank you so much.

tracy young
Drying coats

Best dog coats I've bought, will keep them warm while in the car in the winter, they do a lot of waiting in the car at agility, look really smart too.

Maureen Forder
cosy dog coat

very happy with the reversable fleece coat, nice and cosy for this snowy weather