Pick one of the two colours in your chosen colour combination for the main body
Pick one of the two colours in your chosen colour combination for the neck and leg bands

TULLA ZIPPED JUMPER (CUSTOM SIZE) - 25cm and 39cm / Aubergine Lilac will be Made to Order. Please allow between 2 and 3 weeks for it to be made and posted to you.

Materials and Care

- 2 bonded layers of polyester polar fleece

Your Tulla jumper can be washed in a washing machine at temperatures up to 40 degrees celcius.
- Only use non-biological powders/liquids. Do not use fabric conditioners or softeners, or dual action tablets.

Tumble drying is not recommended.

A warm water-resistant dog jumper made from 2 layers of fleece bonded together during the manufacturing process. The result is a warm, breathable fabric that will protect your dog from the elements.

Available in 4 colour combinations and you can choose which of the two colours in the combination you use for the main body and the neck and leg bands. 

The jumper has a zip up the back meaning that it is easy to put on your dog with no requirement to manipulate your dog's legs into the leg-holes. There is also a flap underneath the zip to protect your dog's fur when fastening it and prevent hair from getting caught in the zipper teeth.

The flap at the collar which fastens with hook and loop helps hold the collar in position so that the zip doesn't start to open. It is also useful to fasten the hook and loop after your dog has stepped into the coat and before you start to zip up the coat.

There is reflective piping on both sides of the jumper which aids your ability to see them in the dark.

I am not calling it waterproof as if submerged in water it will retain water, but rain water will sit on top of the fleece in beads and roll off meaning that during walks in the rain your dog will remain dry.

How to Order:

1) For pricing - select the range that your dog's CHEST measurement falls into.

(Please note that this differs from other custom coats on this website, which use length as the pricing range.)

2) For colour - Choose one of the four colour combinations available, then choose which of the two colours in that combination your would like for the neck and leg-bands.

ie: for the colour combination Aubergine/Lilac you can opt for either:
a) Aubergine body and bands
b) Aubergine body and lilac bands
c) Lilac body and bands
d) Lilac body and Aubergine bands
You cannot use a colour from one of the other combinations.


3) Provide your dog's Length, Chest, Waist and Neck measurements.

  For more guidance on measuring your dog please click HERE.

 *** You can also order a standard sized Tulla Zipped Jumper here ***




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