DOG BOOTIES - LIGHTWEIGHT - Lightweight / XXXS / Red will be Made to Order. Please allow up to 1 week for it to be made and posted to you.

Dog booties are great for protecting your dog's paws. Use them

  • when exercising your dogs on rough or stoney ground to prevent cuts to their pads
  • to protect their paws when competing in dog sports such as canicross
  • on snow to protect their pads from the cold and prevent ice balls from forming between their toes
  • to keep dirt from accumulating between their toes
  • to cover and protect an injured paw,
  • to prevent them from itching, scratching or licking their paws

Freckles Dog Booties are easy and quick to put on and secure in place. They are available in two different fabric weights, in a variety of colours, and are also available as hi-tops too. The hi-tops are longer in length and have a second fastening strap for added security.

Whilst protecting your dog's paws the fabric used to construct the booties still allow your dog to feel the ground, and are flexible so move and flex with your dog's paws. The booties are held in place with hoop and loop fastening tape, and darker colours will have a reflective band sewn onto the strap so they are easier for you to see when your dog is in motion.

Which weight should I choose?

Fabrics with a higher denier count are thicker and more durable, but they are heavier and less flexible than fabrics with a lower denier count.

  • The lightweight bootie is ideal for protecting an injured paw in the house or for using in the snow.
  • Medium weight booties are great for everyday outdoor use and offer protection on rough or abrasive ground.

Freckles Dogs Booties have a fabric base to allow your dog to feel the ground and this is for the comfort and wellbeing of your dog. A solid base is unnatural for your dog and could affect their balance and could be frustrating or upsetting for them. As the booties do not have a solid base they will wear and will need replacing regularly.

You will also probably find that your dog will be confident quicker in the lightweight booties since the fabric is thinner and so the paws retain more sensitivity with the ground however the lightweight booties will wear and need replacing more often.

Your dog should adapt to wearing the booties pretty quickly, but it is better to put them on your dog outside, rather in the house where there may be slippy floors. It is also not recommended that your dog wears a full set of booties when indoors if you have tiled, wooden or laminate floors as they do not have a non-slip sole.


Please note: 

The booties are not designed to be used on your normal daily walks. Dogs should not need to wear booties on a daily basis but they may occasionally need added protection ie in snow, when competing in dog sports or to protect an injured paw.

The booties are not designed to be worn in the house to protect your carpets from dirt or to stop them from slipping on laminate floors. The booties are used to protect your dog - not your house.

No refunds will be made for worn booties as it should be acknowledged that the booties have a finite lifespan and will need replacing.



XXXS 1 1/2 inch 3 1/2 inch
XXS 1 3/4 inch 3 1/2 inch
Extra Small 2 inch 4 inch
Small 2 1/4 inch 4 1/2 inch
Medium 2 1/2 inch 5 1/2 inch
Large 2 3/4 inch 5 1/2 inch
Extra Large 3 inch 7 inch

* Hi-tops are 1 inch longer

Measure your dog's paw at it's widest part as shown in the photo below. Choose the size closest to your measurement, opting for the size up if between measurements.

If you choose to wrap your dog's paws in cohesive bandage before putting on the boot for extra padding, choose the next boot size up to the size you have measured.

Prices are per bootie, and there are discounts for buying a set of four.