LUSSA TOWELLING DOG ROBE (CUSTOM SIZE) - Length (A) between: 25 - 39cm / Aqua will be Made to Order. Please allow about 1 week for it to be made and posted to you.

Size Guide


Standard Sizes

Please note that the breed guide is a suggestion only and I would always recommend measuring your dog to ensure that the coat you purchase is a good fit. There is a small degree of adjustment in the girth of coats as they fasten with velcro or an adjustable webbing strap. Therefore if your dog's measurements are only a few centimetres out from the girth stated above a standard size coat should be suitable. 

Custom Sizes

I also make custom size coats and the price of the coats are based on the length of the coat. There are separate product pages for custom sizes for each of the coat styles, and links to these pages can be found on the main page for each of the costs. You can also find all the custom size coats HERE 

Please click HERE for guidance on how to measure your dog.

The Lussa Towelling Robe, designed and made in Scotland by Freckles Designs, is made from 100% cotton loop towelling and can be used to cool your dog by soaking it in water, or it can be used dry as a summer drying coat.

The robe slips over your dog's head and it has an underbelly panel which covers the chest of your dog, and fastens with a buckle. There is a belt loop too to help the strap stay in position. There are darts at the rear of the dog for a neater fit.

The underbelly panel is very important when cooling your dog as this allows the body core to cool down too which provides for a more efficient cooling process, and means your dog is much more comfortable than a coat that simply covers your dog's back.
When using as a drying robe the underbelly panel is also great for drying the chest and belly area which a lot of towelling robes don't cover.


To use as a cooling robe:

To use the Lussa towelling robe for cooling simply soak it in in water and then wring out so that it is moist but not dripping. Slip it over your dog’s head, tuck the underbelly strap between the dog's front legs and bring the straps up and fasten the buckle.  Through the process of heat evaporation your dog will cool down more than the outside air. If the coat starts drying out, simply re-wet it to maintain the cooling effect.

Why does my dog need a cooling coat?

Unlike humans, dogs do not have efficient cooling systems and so they can overheat easily. Dogs try to regulate their body temperature by panting, or by perspiring through the pads of their paws, as they have almost no sweat glands like humans.  However, dogs can only expel a small fraction of a their excess body heat in this way. Using a cooling robe to help heat evaporate from your dog can therefore help them maintain a normal body temperature.


To use as a drying robe: 

The robe can also be used to dry you dog after a visit to the beach, a swim in a river, after a summer walk in the rain or after a bath. 

Simply pop it on your dog and the towel will absorb moisture from your dog's fur.

Please note that this is a lightweight towelling robe which is great for summer use. For a thicker, more efficient drying coat please see the Lomond, Tay and Ness drying coats here which are dual layer with a microfibre towel lining and fleece outer.


***  To order a standard sized Lussa Dog Towel Robe please click here ***


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