Store and carry your full poo bags on a walk with this Springer Rescue for Scotland  neoprene Dicky Bag, hiding the smell of stinky poos and leaving your hands free to hold dogs leads or to use your phone to take a million photos of your best friend!

Carrying one used poo bag is a pain, but if you have more than one dog you could end up carrying several full poo bags on your walk. So why not make your life easier and more enjoyable and invest in a Springer Rescue for Scotland Dicky Bag. Having 3 dogs, I personally have used one for years and won't go on a dog walk without it.  These really are an invaluable item for dog walks!


The Dicky bag (named using cockney rhyming slang for Richard the Third!) is a lightweight neoprene caddy that clips onto your bag with a carabiner or it can be slotted onto your belt, or you can use the velcro strap. It also has a handy pouch in the top with a slot where you can keep your fresh poo bags.

The Springer Rescue for Scotland Dicky Bag is available in two sizes - Medium and Large.

Medium- Height: 13cm x Diameter: 10cm
Large- Height: 18cm x Diameter: 10cm

They can take quite a few full bags - the medium about 3 average springer poos, and the large 5 or 6 - just remember to let the air escape before you tie the poo bag to fit as many bags as possible into the Dicky Bag and you may even fit more in.

Made in the UK from genuine 4mm DuPont neoprene, and it can be machine washed at 30 degrees.

ALL monies go to Springer Rescue for Scotland

UK Postage is £3.95 per order using Royal Mail 24 and this applies to the entire website.

Or if you want to collect from the Freckles Designs workshop in Stirling enter the code COLLECT at checkout for free shipping. The workshop is currently open to customers 10am to 2pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.


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Mary Hanney
SRS Dicky Bag

Excellent quality snd a must when walking your dog