CUILLIN DOG COOLING COAT (CUSTOM SIZE) - Length (A) between: 25 - 39cm / Blue will be Made to Order. Please allow up to 1 week for it to be made and posted to you.

Materials and Care

The vest can be stored wet for short periods of time in the plastic bag provided, for example if you are going out for the day. However, do not store your vest in the plastic bag for a long period of time as mildew may occur.

When not in use, fold the vest up while wet, and it will become dry and hard and then can be safely stored away.

DO NOT try and unfold it is hard and dry as it may tear. Instead when you are ready to use it again, rewet it by soaking it in a sink or bucket and it will become soft and supple again and can then be unfolded.

If required, the vest can be machine washed at 30 degrees celcius or hand rinsed in cool water. Only use non-biological powders/liquids. Do not use fabric conditioners or softeners, or dual action tablets.

Size Guide

Please note that the breed guide is a suggestion only and I would always recommend measuring your dog to ensure that the coat you purchase is a good fit. 

Custom Sizes

I also make custom size coats and the price of the coats are based on the length of the coat. There are separate product pages for custom sizes for each of the coat styles.

Please click HERE for guidance on how to measure your dog.

Help your dog stay cool and refreshed with a  Cuillin Cooling Coat. The Cooling  Coats are made from a soft lightweight PVA foam fabric that absorbs and retains water. The coat will stay moist and cool for several hours (dependant on weather conditions) however your dog will remain dry. The evaporative process activated by the cool fabric allows your dog to cool down more than the outside air.

The cooling coat slips over your dog's head and has an underbelly strap which covers the chest of your dog and allows the body core to cool down too. This provides for a more efficient cooling process.

The Cuillin Cooling Coat is available this year in Blue and Pink. Please note that the fabric is slightly different to previous years due to supplier issues but it is still a PVA  foam fabric and works exactly the same through the evaporation process.


Why does my dog need a cooling coat?

Unlike humans, dogs do not have efficient cooling systems and so they can overheat easily. Dogs try to regulate their body temperature by panting, or by perspiring through the pads of their paws, as they have almost no sweat glands like humans.  However, dogs can only expel a small fraction of a their excess body heat in this way. Using a cooling coat can therefore help your dog maintain a normal body temperature.

How to use the coat

To use the Cuillin Cooling Coat simply soak it in in water and then wring out so that it is moist but not dripping. Slip it over your dog’s head, tuck the underbelly strap between the dog's front legs and bring the straps up and secure the hook and look fastenings.  If the coat starts drying out, simply re-wet it to maintain the cooling effect.

How long does the coat stay cool?

This depends on the outside temperature, but generally it will stay cool for a few hours. If the coat starts drying out, simply re-wet it to maintain the cooling effect.

Made to Measure

This item is a Made to Measure item. Please click here for guidance on measuring your dog.

The price of the Made to Measure vest is based on the length of the coat.

  • First please enter the measurements in centimetres for length, girth, and neck size.
  • Then please choose the size range that the length of your coat falls into so that the correct price for your coat is selected.

Please use the Additional Information text box to provide any further information that you may feel to be useful. For example if your dog is particularly deep chested you may wish to provide the chest and waist measurement too, or if you have a broad dog you may wish to provide the breast measurement. 

Please measure your dog carefully as Made to Measure coats are non returnable, unless the item is faulty or there is an error on the part of Freckles Designs.

Please do not choose a shorter length then the true length of your dog in order to get a lower priced coat as the positioning of the velcro is dictated by the length of the dog. If you did this the coat will not fit right, and as it is your error no refund will be given. 

Caring for your cooling coat

When not in use, while the coat is still damp, fold the coat into the shape that you would like to store it in. Let it dry naturally and it will become very hard and then it can be safely stored away.

When you wish to use the coat again, DO NOT try and unfold your cooling vest when it is hard and dry as it could tear. Instead soak it in water for a couple of minutes and it will become soft and supple again and ready to use.

If you are going out for the day and wish to take it with you to use later, I recommend that you soak it first at home in the sink, it can then be placed damp in a plastic bag for use later. However, it is not recommended that the vest is stored in a plastic bag for longer than a day once wet as it may start to smell.

When using the coat if it starts drying out, simply re-wet it to maintain the cooling effect. If required, the cooling coat can be machine washed at 30 degrees. Wash seperately as there may be colour run. Do not use conditioners or softeners and do not tumble dry




Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
gloria knight
a good buy

coat fits very good and the coat is a really good cooling coat becasue it cools the chest which is the area that needs to be cooled according to the experts in dog health.

Sally McGuire
Summer Coat for Pearl

I am absolutely delighted by the service Freckles provided. Pearl's coat fits perfectly and arrived within just a few days with excellent, packaging too. I thoroughly recommend this company.

Jamie Stevenson
Great idea

Our dog races canicross but doesn't deal well with warmer temperatures. First time we used the drying coat was straight after a race in 15⁰c temps and it really helped her cool down and catch her breath. As a cross breed she's an usual size but Angela was happy to make it custom with measurements we have. Would definitely recommend.

Shona McNab
Excellent Custom Fit

I have 3 of these cooling coats already for my other dogs and needed to get one for my Lurcher (very thin, tall and long). Having submitted my measurements for a custom coat, it was delivered within 2 weeks and fits perfectly. Would highly recommend Freckles Designs A+++++

Julie Tansey
Perfect for cool coat

I would highly recommend this cooling coat. I tried out the customised one I got made for my girl today and it fitted perfectly. She is such a slim, long dog it's difficult to get a coat to fit her. It stayed wet for a number of hours and I felt so confident it was keeping my girl cool. Such a great quality and I love how it covers all of my girls body... all the way to her tail.
I have just ordered another customised coat for my boy cockapoo as I wanted to test out my girls one first and I can honestly say I have no hesitation in doing so.