Designed and made in Scotland, Freckles Dogs Coats are available in 11 standard sizes and custom sizes are available too !

Although dogs have their own natural coats, many dogs can still benefit from a little extra help to protect them from the elements. Short haired dogs, senior dogs and puppies, and dog's with medical conditions may benefit from an extra layer when out on their walks as they feel the cold much faster and for this reason I make waterproof coats and warm fleece coats. Other dogs may simply need protecting from unpredictable weather.

Some dogs may also benefit from wearing a thin warm breathable layer indoors and this is where the tankies can be useful, and others may benefit from a cooling vest if they are prone to overheating. Dogs that prefer to run about au naturale can also benefit from a drying coat, particularly if they have been for a swim or out in the rain as they can soon start to shiver and feel the cold once their exercising has stopped.

Whatever your dog's situation, I design and make functional dog coats with a purpose in mind and that make your dog's life a bit more comfortable.


Freckles Drying Coats

Drying Coats are an essential piece of kit for adventurous dogs who like to swim in the river, roll in the mud and generally have a good time! Drying Coats are also perfect for drying your dog after a bath, after a walk in the rain or simply just to keep them warm.

Waterproof Coats

Waterproof coats made from peached coated microfibre (the material feels like the skin of a peach). The coated microfibre is a lightweight technical sportswear fabric which is both waterproof and breathable, and also quiet to wear.

Choose from the Morlich, which is great for active dogs as it is shaped for ease of movement and so perfect for dogs that love to run, or the Brora which provides greater coverage and is better suited for lead walks or more senior dogs.

Brrrr ! Keep your dog warm on chilly days

Choose from the Achray jacket which is a fleece lined stylish tweed look jacket, the Torran Tankie which is great for layering, or the double fleece reversible Etive jacket - two coats in one!

About Freckles Designs

Freckles Designs is a small business based in Central Scotland designing and making products for you and your dog.

It developed from making drying coats in 2010 to raise funds for Springer Rescue for Scotland and then, as the word spread about my Drying Coats and orders began flooding in, my creative brain kicked in and new ideas started developing and so Freckles Designs was born.

I have 3 dogs myself and they are great testers for my products and for inspiring new ideas.


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