Three measurements are usually all that is required to work out what coat is the right size for your dog.

The measurements are:

Length (A), Girth (B), Neck Circumference (C).

The Chest measurement (D) and Waist measurement (F) are also used for fitted jumpers.

Measure your dog when then are standing upright. Do not try and measure them when they are sitting or lying down as you may get an incorrect measurement. I recommend that you use a soft tape when measuring your dog.
(If you don't have a soft tape measure you can use a belt or piece of string and then hold it against a ruler or metal diy tape to get the measurement.) 

Length (A)

The length is the hardest of the measurements, particularly if you have a wriggly, squirmy dog!  The easiest way to explain how to measure the Length (A) is with the use of a towel - you don't have to use a towel but it does help to work our where to start measuring at the base of the neck. If you measure too high up the neck, your coat will likely be too long on your dog.

Place the towel over your dog’s back so it is level with the front of your dog’s front legs on both sides - this ensures it is lying straight on your dog. You can see from the photo that the front edge of the towel is now lying at the base of the neck. This is where the neck seam of the coat will naturally sit.

Measure from the the edge of the towel (top of shoulders) (1) to the rear of the dog at the base of their tail (2). 



Girth (B)

For the Girth (B), measure around your dog's middle, halfway between the front and back legs, as this is where the strap will fasten and helps me to work out the length of the strap required.


Neck (C)

Measure the circumference of the Neck (C) where a collar would naturally sit. Please measure the neck quite tight as I will add a 10% additional allowance to the neck measurement of Custom Size coats (for round necks, and a 20% addition for polo necks) to allow room for the coat to be removed over the head and fit comfortably without restricting the throat.

Chest (D)

The Chest (D) measurement is taken round the deepest part of the chest. This measurement is used to calculate the length of the underbelly strap to ensure that it is long enough to follow the shape of deep chested dogs. It is also need for fitted fleece jumpers. 


Waist (E)

The waist is measured around the body in front of the back lengths. This measurement is only required for fitted jumpers and zipped coats.


Front Leg (F)

The trouser leg measurement is taken from the armpit (or oxter if you are Scottish!) to above the carpal pad - the pad on the dog's 'wrist'. You don't want to cover the carpal pad as it is used as a stopper pad or to gain traction.

If you would like the legs on your jumper shorter, simply provide the finished length that you would like when ordering instead.



Further Information

Please use the Further Information text box to provide any further information that you may feel to be useful. 

You may also wish to let me know what breed your dog is or email me a clear photo if you feel they are an unusual shape to help me understand any special shaping that may be required.


Standard Sizes


Please note that the breed guide is a suggestion only and I would always recommend measuring your dog to ensure that the coat you purchase is a good fit. 

If you are unsure of what size to buy, please feel free to email me your dog's measurements as described above and I will be happy to advise.