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DUNDAS FLEECE DOG JUMPER WITH FRONT LEGS (CUSTOM SIZE) - Dog's chest between 25cm and 39cm will be Made to Order. Current turnaround time is 2 weeks.

Materials and Care

Your coat can be washed in a washing machine at temperatures up to 40 degrees celcius.
- Only use non-biological powders/liquids. Do not use fabric conditioners or softeners, or dual action tablets.

Tumble drying is not recommended.

A warm dog jumper with front legs made from polar fleece that can be worn outside to protect your dog from the elements, or inside to keep them cosy.

The jumper slips over your dog's head and has an elasticated waist for a neat fit without being too tight. The bonus of the elasticated waist is that the belly part of the coat doesn't sag so there are no wee accidents on the coat.


Choose a colour for your the main body of the coat and another (or the same) for the neck and legs.

Should you wish the chest panel to be a different colour too just leave me a note in the added information box.

(If you don't leave a comment the chest panel will be made in the same colour fleece as the back of the jumper).


Add a Zip

There is an option of adding a zip to the jumper along the full length of the back so that your dog can easy step into the leg holes.  There is also a zip underlay to protect your dog's fur when fastening it and prevent hair from getting caught in the zipper teeth.

If a zip is added, there is also a flap at the collar which fastens with hook and loop and helps to hold the collar in position so that the zip doesn't start to open. It is also useful to fasten the hook and loop after your dog has stepped into the coat and before you start to zip up the coat as this stops the coat falling back down while you fasten the zip.



You can choose one of the standard sizes (please see chart below) or a custom size.

For a standard size please click HERE

To order your custom sized coat please select the range above that your dog's CHEST measurement falls into so that the correct price is applied.

(Please note that this differs from other custom coats on this website, which use length as the pricing range.)

Then provide your dog's Length, Chest, Waist and Neck measurements.

For the front leg measurement you can choose the length - the finished length will be whatever you put down as measurement (F), so for example if you wish short front legs, instead of providing the measurement from the armpit to carpal pad, simply enter the length of the leg sleeve that you would like instead.

Click HERE for guidance on how to measure your dog.






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