Please let me know which of your dog's legs is missing - from the dog's perspective!

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TRIPAW DOG DRYING COAT - Tay / 25cm and 39cm will be Made to Order. Please allow up to 1 week for it to be made and posted to you.

These Tripaw Dog Drying Coats have been specially designed for front leg amputees to cover the chest area and amputation site and to fit your dog snuggly so it will not twist or move from side to side.


Your dog may only have three legs but they can still enjoy life and Freckles Dog Drying Coats are an essential piece of kit for active dogs.

  • Use to warm and dry your dog after exercise or dog sports
  • Great for putting on your dog after a walk in the rain, a swim in the sea or after a bath.
  • The drying coat fits snug on your dog for maximum contact with the fur ensuring that moisture is absorbed quickly.
  • Microfibre towelling inner and a polar fleece outer layer.
  • Machine washable.

All Tripaw drying coats are made to measure and are available in Tay or Ness styles.

  • The Tay Dog Drying Coat dries the chest and front of the belly area, as well as your dog's back. It slips over your dog's head, and has a strap that fastens around the dog's waist to ensure that the coat stays nicely in position.

  • The Ness drying coat has the addition of a polo neck and has extra length and shaping at the back which allows the rear of the dog to be covered and dried too. The back shaping fastens together with a small plastic buckle which can be undone if required.

For more information on each of the styles please click HERE

Please note that the rear leg amputees should be absolutely fine in the standard drying coats.

Which Leg ??

Now comes the really important bit .... letting me know which leg has been amputated !! Please answer this from the dog's perspective - NOT as you are looking at them. Here's a few examples ....


Please also email a photo of your dog to or contact me on Facebook Messenger, quoting your order number, so that I may see the breed and shape of your dog as all amputees will have a different body shape.

Please note that if your dog has part of their limb remaining that these tripaw coats may not be suitable. Please feel free to email me a photo, or contact me on Facebook Messenger, and I can take a look and advise accordingly.


Measuring your Dog

All Tripaw coats are made to order. Please click here for guidance on measuring your dog.

The price of the Tripaw coat is based on the length of the coat.

  • First please enter the measurements in centimetres for length, chest , and neck size (measure the chest at the widest point behind the front leg).
  • Then please choose the size range that the length of your coat falls into so that the correct price for your coat is selected.

Please use the Additional Information text box to provide any further information that you may feel to be useful.

Please measure your dog carefully as made to order coats are non returnable, unless the item is faulty or there is an error on the part of Freckles Designs.

Click HERE for details on how to measure your dog.


Personalise your Drying Coat

Add an individual touch to your Freckles Drying Coat by embroidering your dog's name onto it for just £9.00. Enter a maximum of 9 letters per line (max 2 lines of text) and you can choose from 4 different thread colours to complement the fleece outer. (Embroidery may not be as visible on patterned fabrics.) 



This is the first Tripaw Coat I have made and I hope to be able to have more tripaw coats, ie fleece coats, waterproof coats, available later in the year.



Care Instructions

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Freya Kennedy
Warm, dry and fits brilliantly

Loki joined our family after having his front leg removed due to a nasty fracture. All my dogs have Freckles drying coats so I was delighted when Angi suggested a tripaw coat. We went through to the Freckles workshop and Loki had a lovely time being measured up as the first tester model. I'm delighted with how good this drying coat is especially as Loki has discovered he loves the water. He feels the cold easily so its brilliant to be able to pop this on after a soggy walk or wash. Loki is able to freely move around the house, sleep etc in his coat so it doesn't hinder him at all. It will also be great if we are camping to have an extra warm layer to sleep in. Loki has the Ness coat as I love the high neck and under the tail clip as makes the coat fit really well